For Parents

Florida Poly ID Card

The Florida Poly ID Card is the official identification card of Florida Polytechnic University.  It is issued to all members of the University Community and is required for identification and access to essential campus services.  It also offers a convenient account for making purchases on and off campus.  Students are issued a Florida Poly ID Card upon arrival for their first semester and are responsible for keeping their card for the duration of their time at the University.

To learn more about how to use Florida Poly Bucks and all the prepaid accounts on the Florida Poly ID Card, Click here.

FL Poly Bucks – A Convenient Tool for Both You and Your Student

Florida Poly Bucks is a prepaid spending account on your student’s Florida Poly ID Card that is accepted on and off the University campus.  It is designed to help students and parents manage spending at college and eliminate the need to carry cash around campus.  There are no costs or fees to use or add value to the account, and never any over-limit, late payment, or interest charges.  Florida Poly Bucks is a complimentary service provided by Florida Polytechnic University.

To ensure that you are your student are getting the most out of the Florida Poly ID Card program, encourage them to register their account and set you up with a Guest User Account.   It only takes a minute and once completed, you and your student can manage the account 24/7 – check balances, add value, request funds, view transactions, and more.

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